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Thermal treatment (Our advantages)

Our service remains the most ecological in exterminating insects, parasites and bed bugs, people who want to maintain the cleanliness of their homes and business premises are increasingly using extermination, this allows a clean and healthy air, once our work, your pets and your children can without any concern, no chemical remains within the reach of

Your children. Many of our chemical found themselves obliged to safeguard parasites in their homes. In us, our service is 100% ecological, safe and fast guaranteeing a peace of mind and an irreproachable level of comfort.

Several luxury hotels use thermal technology based on heat to fight insects and thus guarantee their customers the best cleanliness and hygiene, among these most famous hotels one finds those properties of Walt Disney in Florida.


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Briefly, our quality advantages are reflected in many factors:

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Ecology: thanks to our advanced thermal technology, we disregard the use of pesticides and other chemicals, ensuring ecological service.

Quickness: the extermination of your parasites and insects among other bugs of bed is made the same day of our service, heat that can reach 135 degrees f * eliminates all insects immediately and during service, while the use of chemical processes imposes a waiting period often long that can last for days.

Safety: You stay away from any chemicals, as well as your children, your neighbors and pets, so no risk can touch your treasures and your favorite animals, our method will guarantee you listening to singing your birds.

Total extermination: all insects including bed bugs remain unable to cope with the heat of our equipment, which dominates all rooms, rooms and all the places of your homes or commercial premises. Different from chemicals, parasites cannot stay away and hidden permissies, the heat reaches them whatever their shelters and total extermination is guaranteed.

Unique method: Traditional processes use different products chemicals to combat the diversity of harmful insects and parasites, a single efficient process is put in place, the power of heat that dominates all places to exterminate all insects and to stop all interfering and dangerous parasites in human health.

Quality; The use of thermal heat maintains a level of cleanliness different from chemicals that are harmful to people allergic and often leave unwanted odors. Once the service the temperature returns to its normal level in all rooms your premises, this is achievable in a short duration of less than 2 hours of time.

Peace of mind: people are more and more at ease thanks to the use of our thermal processes, the Thermal, the absence of any product chemical leaves the mind quiet and without worrying to his children, his pets, visitors or neighbors. Likewise, extermination in his home, leaves the as well as the after-sales service guarantees offered by our company.

Doing business with us guarantees you the maximum satisfaction that remains our main motivator, our notoriety remains beside the quality of our services our main branding.

At Services Éco-Extermination, benefit from our expertise and benefit your friends, loved ones and loved ones. To god the bugs of bed, to god to all the harmful parasites that drag in our houses.

Our prices remain the most advantageous, we constantly happiness of our customers, your satisfaction remains our priority and our reason to be.

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