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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are active especially at night. They live mainly in the bedroom. They are fleeing light and dark, narrow and inaccessible places.

Many people hear of these fearsome insects but do not know not what it is. Their reproductive capacity is very high, the discreet bed, like to live in the dark and expert in hiding, their health consequences of human beings are cause depression, according to studies done so far, bed bugs do not no serious illness, but it is suspected that this may loss of memory has long.

Bed bugs remain among the most difficult insects


Exterminate, it is always advisable to prevent their existence and also to ability to detect and distinguish their eggs. The Government of Canada and Quebec is putting more and more effort into helping peoplepreventing these dangerous parasites can also severe itching on the skin.

They have a lifespan of 5 to 6 months. However, they can live more than a year without feeding when they become dormant.

The fight against these bugs is not an easy task, especially with the chemical processes due to their ability to hide easily, rapid movements and their reproductions.

With us, Services Eco-Extermination, we pay attention particular to these disastrous parasites and ensure an extermination fast and effective.

For more info on bed bugs, their clues visit the site links Governmental health-wellness.

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Helpful Hints

Many people believe that the extermination of parasites remains a task which may require minimal effort and little time, people have often tend to react only after observing several insects invading their homes and dwellings. Likewise, several businesses take the situation seriously only when these insects become more and more.

It is always preferable to react quickly before the health of people your family is in danger, it is always advisable to have the sufficient knowledge to prevent and control pests harmful.

Once the insects have been observed, it is in order to avoid their reproduction. It is always preferable to be able to distinguish and identify the different kinds of parasites and well know the factors that can give their existence to your home.

Wait until the last minute is not a privileged solution but we always advise our customers to react early to be easy to control and to eliminate any kind of parasite and to ensure a clean and safe environment for his children.

In order to recognize some insects visit our Photo Gallery

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